Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Educreations: Enhancing creativity

Want to be creativity and use technology into the classroom? Educreations is your site. Educreations is another webiste/app that can be very useful in the classroom to promote technology and creativity in student projects.
Photo: https://www.educreations.com/lesson/studio/

How does Educreations work?
If you have Adobe Flash player on your computer or download the app, you can use Educreations. Educreations allows your to record your voice and writings or drawings at the same time. This could be used from a teacher perspective by creating an interactive video showing how to do a math problem to the class to watch at home, or you can have your students use it to create videos. There are different color pencils you can use, can insert pictures, and even have multiple pages. When you push the "Record" button, it will record both your voice if you talk and drawings. That is one way to use Educreations: to draw what you are explaining as you explain it. Another way to use Educreations is to have something already drawn or written on the screen, then record your voice. During this you can add to the picture, take a way, or just explain what is on the screen.

Why Educreations?
Educreations is a good tool to use if you want students to explain what they have learned without making a video or poster. This in a way is an interactive whiteboard. Educreations is very beneficial for students who are creative, but also students who don't like to make videos of themselves. You can create a video with just drawings if you want or just your voice. Educreations provides a different way to explain information as it forces kids to draw pictures, timelines, or explain words of what they have learned. It makes them really explain the content which is a great way to assess to see if they really understand the material. I made an example video that part of my final project for this class. Click here to watch it.

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